Kansai Airport (KIX) deploy free Wi-Fi

Japan keeps doing friendly efforts to #welcome tourism and increase passengers well ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Feel free to make use of #KIXs wireless LAN service.The wireless LAN service can be used in all areas in the Terminal 1 Building (excluding a portion of the traffic line for international flights), all areas in Aeroplaza, and all areas in the Terminal 2 Building.


Browse the Net via your own laptop computer.
Free of charge.
No application procedures needed to connect.
Please agree to the precautions and prohibited acts in using this service.
You must have a wireless LAN card (IEEE802.11b/g) to use this service.
If your laptop does not have a wireless LAN card, you may still connect to the Internet using one of the LAN cables installed at the computer desks.
Select the “[email protected]” SSID or an SSID that starts with “[email protected]”.
Information: +81(0)72-455-2382(24 hours)

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If you have been to Japan recently, and you were able to use the service, kindly let us know about your experience!!

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